Anti-Spam Firewall

For more than a decade this technology has been challenged by the media as being too harsh on spam and that a solution would come from the ashes of broken promises of inteligent analysis of each email. 13 years later spam is a major carrier of viruss and a workplace distraction still costing companies billions worldwide.

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Inbound eMail that is not whitelisted is spam.

A Reasonable Gateway - WhiteList

Outbound eMails automatically whitelist for inbound response.

Challenge Response

A challenge email is sent to the sender and if the email is opened by a non computerized system it confirms the sender and whitelists

Tougher Than Nails!

Blocks Spam Not Contacts with Zero Tolerance

  • Zero Spam
  • Hardened Challenge Response
  • No Spam Analysis to Break
  • 13 Year Proven Track Record

Our mission becomes for us to be about your success. We do what is required to get the results needed to accomplish your goals.

More Titanborders

13 Years Experience

As 'Block All Spam' we originated this technology as a spam defence system. The media blew us off and nobody has heard of us. Operating now as a botique of the original founder this solution remains despite its harsh approach.

Cloud Server Based Platform

We provide this service as domain based email hosting in the cloud and use a dependable third party SMTP routing service to guarantee outbound delivery to your customers. Its two services in one.

POP3 Clients Only

Currently we only support POP3 download of email or your can opt for Server to Server transfer to your systems.

CISP/PCI Compliance Boost

IF you have to participate in secure network compliance review it has become a point and soon to be a requirement that no spam enter your network due to viruses.

Deticated Support

Support is provided by the very people that work through your startup and 24/7 access to someone familliar with what you are doing.

Extreme Confidence

We use the systems we sell.